Into the Midst of Things

The first week is quite the buzz of events. Everything is going on at once, and on top of being jetlagged, I’m simultaneously confronted by being in a new city, living with and around new people, and studying in a different academic program. The ideal situation, naturally, for an introvert.

After touching down in Stockholm, I had dinner with my host family — the whole lot: mom, dad, and 4 adorable little children (2 each from previous marriages). Of course, it was awkward at first; fitting in is a process in itself (more on that later). But by now, things feel natural and I look forward to going home to a loving family every day.

The first few days of the week consisted of orientation, which DIS does a great job of making interesting by layering in musical performances and dancing to Abba between welcomes and introductions.

One after another, we had information sessions for phones, printers, books, finances, art, etc. We even went on a scavenger hunt through Gamla Stan (the Old Town), experiencing firsthand the cold weather and traditional Swedish fika (social coffeebreak)!

This guy must be cold…

We ended the week with our first batch of classes, some of which already had homework before meeting. First impressions? I’ll be enjoying my time in Stockholm, but I won’t be slacking off academically at the same time.


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