About Me

Hello. My name is Jessica. As of February 2019, I am a 19-year-old neuroscience major from Middlebury College, taking a semester in Stockholm with DIS. This is my first time blogging, so bear with the clunkiness.

I’m in the Affective Neuroscience program at DIS, which is one of the few classes with a lab component. I’m also taking classes in Swedish Language and Culture, Developing Brain, and Medical Ethics. And I’m living in a homestay.

A bit about me. I love listening to music. I’m a big fan of soft rock and EDM, and I can appreciate a good movie soundtrack. I play badminton, poorly, and table tennis, not so poorly. I love the occasional carrot, although I’m mildly allergic and consequently have bad eyesight. My favorite color is green.

Feel free to contact me here, and as you follow me in my semester in Stockholm, I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I enjoy the journey!