An Amateur’s English-Speaking Guide to Swedish Conversation

Somewhere around 90% of Swedes can speak English. In the capital city of Stockholm, while taking public transportation and/or studying with other university-aged students, the percentage is closer to 100%. Still, it’s good to keep in mind that Swedes’ default will be Swedish. Until you come along.


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When in Sweden…

It’s not too good to sweat the small things. Moving to a different country for a few months is difficult, and there are a lot of large reasons for that. But today I want to dedicate a blog post to the little things. The small things that are different.

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Into the Midst of Things

The first week is quite the buzz of events. Everything is going on at once, and on top of being jetlagged, I’m simultaneously confronted by being in a new city, living with and around new people, and studying in a different academic program.

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