Core Course Week

So, what is Core Course Week? Essentially, it’s a week off from all your classes, except for your core course. You spend a week doing activities and workshops, going outside of Stockholm to other cities in Sweden, and fika-ing with classmates. It’s a good time to bond with your core course. I went with Affective […]

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Into the Midst of Things

The first week is quite the buzz of events. Everything is going on at once, and on top of being jetlagged, I’m simultaneously confronted by being in a new city, living with and around new people, and studying in a different academic program. The ideal situation, naturally, for an introvert. After touching down in Stockholm, […]

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The Journey Begins

Hello. My name is Jessica, and I’m an introvert who likes big cities. I’m a 19-year-old neuroscience major from Middlebury College, and I’ll be studying abroad in Stockholm, Sweden for the next four months. Here will be my documentation of that time. And since WordPress knows what it’s doing, I’ll keep the default blog post […]

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